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sorry folks but i dont think the futz can post on this journal much… - The Futz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Futz

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[Jan. 24th, 2005|09:23 pm]
The Futz


sorry folks but i dont think the futz can post on this journal much anymore. see over the weekend the futz were playing their rock music and all of a sudden a pigion came into the area. we took a look at the pigiona nd realized after about 15 minutes that it had a note on its back. the note said "dear albert, we need your help! meet me at the center of the earth in 20 minutes. love, Paul Groscro." anyway, we assumed that albert was refering to the futz, albert was just an alias we thought. so we walked over to the center of the earth and sure enough there was paul Groscro. we were all like "hey paul" and he was all like "blah! who are you?" we were all like "we are albert." he said "no you're not" and we said "fuck you" so he took out this big nuclear reactor and said it was for transidental meditation and it would blow up the world. so we kicked his ass. then he siad,"look look, i wont do anything as long as you promise not to update the futz livejournal too much" and then we said ok, and continued to kick his ass. so thats how the futz spent their weekend. sorry if we made anyone mad, but if we did we'll have to kick your fucking ass. also, we went to russia, but thats another story.