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stupid british [Dec. 12th, 2004|07:55 pm]
The Futz


[feeling |amusedlike a pirate]
[listening |Ed is dead]

Fuck, no one reads this. not saying its a bad thing ut now when we have things to say no one will know. oh well, if you are reading this then you should know some things.

Concert the 19th of december at joe drummer house in the basement, cost is $2, if you dont want to pay, dont, but dont come if you cant spare $2. we dont plan on food or drink but somehow there is always food and drink even though we didnt prepare it. its at 3:30. we dont have a band listing yet, its the futz, and joe degeorge for right now, i promise some other bands though.

we plan on recording with joe soon though. maybe make like some crazy demo shit. m,aybe put it on purevolume.com (cool site, check it out) or sell it to people we know who care enough to buy it.

we really need a PA system, maybe one day